Sending money home

Want to send your pounds back home?  When the exchange rate is favourable it’s a very good idea!  We have linked up with a few very helpful companies to make this process easy, quick and best of all, save you money!   Do NOT use a bank to send money home – it costs a lot and the rates are not so good.


Kiwis in London has Partnered with Halo Financial to offer Kiwis in London followers great exchange rates and no fees for sending money home, to the UK or anywhere in the world.
Geraldine Collett, Business Development Manager for Halo Financial (also a Kiwi in London) says “It’s fantastic to be able to offer fellow Kiwis an easy, friendly, cost effective service for transferring money worldwide!”   Click here to register!


Kiwis in London have teamed up with 1st Contact to provide a cheap, fuss free, quick and best of all easy service that guarantees great exchange rates! In fact, they’re now offering preferential rates exclusively to Kiwi’s in London followers.

It’s simple to get started as well. Go to this link , fill in short registration form and boom you’re in!

You must register via Kiwi’s in London for them to apply the preferential rates to your account. Once registered, you’ll see the difference in the rates. You’re welcome.

You can also use this service to send money from NZ to the UK for only $5NZD

Here’s the run down:
• 1st transfer free, every 5th transfer and all transfers over £2000 are automatically process free of charge.
• Flat £1 fee per transfer to NZ – no receiving fee when the funds clear in NZ
• Flat $5 fee per transfer to UK – no receiving fee when the funds clear in UK
• Exclusive Kiwis in London exchange rates – you’ll see the difference!

1st Contact are brilliant at giving you customer support and every person who has used this service via KIL have been very happy with it!