Sending money home

Want to send your pounds back home?  When the exchange rate is favourable it’s a very good idea!  We have linked up with two great services to help you get money home quick and most importantly cheap!  Do NOT use a bank to do this, it costs a lot and the rates are not so good.


transferwiseKiwis in London has joined with TransferWise who offer awesome exchange rates for people who wish to send money home

Click this link to take advantage of very low fee transfers

To see why the rates are so low, read this:

To see what you save vs using a bank:

How can TransferWise charge so little?:

Backed by millions of private investor money, TransferWise have tapped into the market and have worked out how to offer extremely low fees while still surviving themselves on tiny margins. They only charge 0.5% on money exchange and as a result, more and more people are choosing to not be ripped off by their bank and using TransferWise.

Enjoy saving money!  Click this link to start transferring!


First Contact

1st-connectKiwis in London have teamed up with 1st Contact to sort you out with a fantastic FOREX deal!

Want to send money home for only £1 and NO extra fees?

Kiwis in London have teamed up with 1st Contact to provide a cheap, fuss free, quick and best of all easy service that guarantees great exchange rates! Not only that but you’ll get your 1st (and every fifth) transfer free!

It’s simple to get started as well. Go to this link and register! You’ll need to follow through their quick registration process and boom you’re in. You can also use this service to send money from NZ to the UK for only $5NZD

Here’s the run down:

  • 1st transfer free
  • Every 5th transfer free! – This happens automatically.
  • Flat £1 fee per transfer to NZ – no receiving fee or additional charges when the funds clear in NZ
  • Flat $5 fee per transfer to UK – no receiving fee or additional charges when the funds clear in UK

1st Contact are brilliant at giving you customer support and every person who has used this service via KIL have been very happy with it!