Getting Tax back

Kiwis in London is always looking for businesses and organisations to make your life easier in London. We have linked up with the companies Taxback and WooHooTax who can help you get your tax back!

You might not be aware that everybody has their first £11,500 of earnings tax free, so it pays to check this out in the tax year if you have not worked a full year, paid any emergency tax and before you leave to go home to make sure that you don’t over pay your tax obligations and get more money in your back pocket!


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If you have any tax questions, read the Taxback FAQ
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WooHoo Tax

Looking for some extra cash? Feeling like you are forever paying tax to HMRC?
Kiwis in London have teamed up with the guys at Refunds! They can help you get what you’re owed from HMRC, without all the stress! All you need to do is complete their easy to use online application form and sign a few documents, then they will be able to calculate if you are owed any tax back!
And what’s more, when you head home to NZ they can help you out there too! They work closely with their head office WooHoo NZ Tax Refunds based in Christchurch, to make filing two tax refunds easy as!

It wouldn’t be in the true Kiwi spirit if they weren’t to offer a good deal right?! You can use our special promo code to get you a discount on the fees! Just enter ‘KIL’ when completing the application form. Instead of the standard fee you will only be charged 15%. What’s more, this special promo code will work here AND in New Zealand! WooHoo!

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