Hi :) Happy Valentines Day!

Here is something I pulled together for you – just a little something to make you smile!

In a land where grace and charm collide,
Lives a girl named Wiktoria, her beauty can’t hide.
From Poland’s heart, she does hail,
With beauty that makes the nightingales wail.

With a grin as wide as a speedway track,
She zooms through life, there’s no looking back.
In her racing gear, she’s a sight to behold,
A whirlwind of charm, so brave and bold.

But wait, her talents don’t end there,
She’s a thespian extraordinaire!
On stage, she shines like a star,
Captivating audiences near and far.

Her English flows like a playful breeze,
With words so smooth, they aim to tease.
A linguistic wizard, without a doubt,
Her mastery of language leaves no one without.

Oh Wiktoria, with your smile so bright,
You bring joy to our lives, with grace and light.
In speedway, acting, and English finesse,
In your presence, life’s a joyful mess.

So here’s to Wiktoria, our delight so pure,
In our daily life, you’re the brightest lure.
With beauty and talent, and plenty of sass,
You’re the brightest light in my class!