Accountants & Limited/Umbrella companies

Did you know that in the UK if you earn a certain amount you can legally save money on the tax that you pay?   It’s a foreign concept for us back home as we pay tax without thinking without wondering how we could pay less.  In the UK this is a very popular and effective way to earn a bit more every month and there are many companies out there who can help, some better than others.

We only recommend companies in this field that do this business right – there are a lot of cowboys out there so we do our homework so that you get wages and service as fair as possible.
If you work for a company that you think might fit well with our community, email us so we can have a chat!

Clipper Contracting Group 

Clipper Contracting Group Ltd was established with one thing in mind: to provide the highest levels of customer service for the provision of financial solutions to temporary workers.

Clipper Contracting Group Ltd are FCSA accredited and provide compliant financial solutions including Clipper Total, Clipper PAYE and Clipper CIS, as well as accountancy services such as the administration of Limited Companies through our sister company Quba Accountants Ltd.

We work with the best advisors, employ the best people and provide the best experience to ensure both our contractors and recruitment partners remain totally compliant and competitive in these ever changing times.

If you have any questions get in touch with Lochie. A fellow Kiwi in London, he will provide honest advice with your best interests in mind.

Call: 01305 233170 / 07824 539407