Leaving London

So the visa is up, you’re looking to go home and get back to a “normal” life!   2 years (or more if on another visa) can go faster than you expect, and we know for most of you it’s an adventure that you wish would last forever.   In some cases you may be able to stay, and with the new Tier 2 visa improving for Kiwis and Aussies thanks to Brexit, you may qualify to stay longer!
If that is the case, have a chat to our visa expert Michael at Voyage Relocations 

If you’re heading home we recommend the following:

Ending your tenancy or advertising your room out
Shipping your stuff home
Tax Returns
Closing your bank account

Ending your tenancy is pretty straight forward if you are simply trying to get somebody else to take your room.  You can post your room on the main Kiwis in London page into the flat post and get rid of it that way.  We also recommend you reply to anybody seeking a room as well to improve your chances!  If you are ending a tenancy with a landlord/agency, they will make you pop through a few hoops to get the house in decent enough condition to get your deposit back.  Usually the most important thing is to get the place looking as good as possible, you can ask for end of tenancy cleaning companies on our Kiwis in London CHAT group
If you do have issues – and it’s pretty common for some to give you more trouble than it’s worth, do not be afraid to use their complaint procedures and to argue your case. If you cannot reach a resolution, you have the legal recourse to use the Property Ombudsman  We have used them and won, so it’s very doable!

Shipping your stuff home should be very easy if you get in contact with companies that make it simple for you and who can be trusted to get your stuff from A to B in a decent time.   Do not be afraid to shop around and definitely ask a million questions too!  Make sure you’re aware of all charges so you’re not surprised when they are delivered!
We recommend Kiwi Movers and PSS International Removals

Both companies come highly recommended to us by the community and mention that Kiwis in London sent you when making that enquiry!
We have a deal with PSS and Expat Taxback where they can calculate your taxes owed and use the refund to help you ship your stuff home, so have a look at this and see if it applies to you!

Tax Returns   Have a look at this option that we mentioned above!

Closing your bank account is pretty straight forward, but first check if you owe anything and have all payments cancelled. If you are expecting a tax return or any other income into your bank, then don’t close it and make sure you log in often so the account is not closed automatically.

We’ll add more to this as more information comes to us!