Did you know that in the UK if you earn a certain amount you can legally save money on the tax that you pay?   It’s a foreign concept for us back home as we pay tax without thinking without wondering how we could pay less.  In the UK this is a very popular and effective way to earn a bit more every month and there are many companies out there who can help, some better than others.

Atom Hub and accounting is a specialised service for contractors in the UK, we off Umbrella PAYE , Accounting for outside ir35 roles and international payroll for roles outside the UK.

For UK Umbrella we are Professional Passport approved and take compliance very seriously.

Sam (a Kiwi) and Adam (South African) have over 20 years’ experience between them in, and make sure antipodeans are well looked after. We see ourselves as boutique payroll company offering compliant PAYE employment solutions for UK and international workers and freelances.

With a focus on customer service, our bespoke Atom method ensures customers’ compliance for both agency and worker, and with the latest software we will make payments and contract delivery times very efficient.

Please book a call with us now, we would love to have a “yarn” with you.

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