Finding Work

Finding a job in London is going to be different than how we do it in New Zealand. Agencies are more important and they have access to a lot of the roles out there that you may be seeking. That’s not to say that they monopolise the market, but in more cases than not you’ll see agencies advertising roles so it’s your job to contact and get your CV to them.

We advise that you get in touch with agencies before you leave home. We have a comprehensive list of agencies that you can look up. Most of this list is made up of Kiwis and Australians who work at agencies and others are people who want to only hire people from our part of the world. We have a fantastic advantage in the workplace as we’re seen as hard working, reliable, adaptable and it doesn’t hurt that we speak the language!

Please also get your CV ready. Check out our CV tips hereDon’t be too worried about sending emails to as many agencies as you feel comfortable with and keep notes on who you contact. Ask questions as well in your email as any helpful tips from agencies is invaluable. Be realistic too, not every agency is going to reply to you. If your CV isn’t relevant or you’re attempting to get into an industry that you’ve not tried before then you’re not doing yourself any favours. The industry here is competitive so you need to be patient and positive!

Want a hand with the CV? Careers with Minta is a great place to get started! Minta was a recruiter in London for 3 years and is back in NZ offering honest, personalised and proactive CV support and employment expectations in the UK. She is based in Auckland but she’s happy to set up Skype calls to suit whatever time-zone you’re in!
Best yet, she’s operating the service like a “free walking tour” of Europe – you pay what you think her service is worth.   You can contact her via her website here!

Almost daily we post jobs on our Facebook page and agencies and individuals post job advertisements on our Visitors posts every day. We have an excellent relationship with employers and agencies who really want Kiwis to work for them and in response they post often. Look at our Visitors posts for today and then scroll backwards a few days and you will see many advertisements. Even if you’re not 100% sure about the job, don’t be shy and put yourself forward.

You can always contact us if you need any more help by messaging our Facebook page.  Good luck with your job search!