Airlines for coming home (and to the UK)

Most airlines that used to fly to NZ from the UK are back in operation and we finally welcomed back the Chinese airlines that were not only extremely popular, thanks to their prices, but without them, other airlines were making us pay an extra premium to get home and back.

Our page is inundated with questions about which airlines are better than others, so we have collected a few conversations about this and answers from knowledgeable Kiwis in London!

What to expect from China Southern – a MUST read! Cheers to Max for this!
Josh also talks about the food and the airport on China Southern too (yum)
China Southern with a child? Here is some good feedback!
PLENTY of lovely comments and tips about China Southern here too!
And check here (and the page) about the flight, stop over if your China Southern flight is London- Beijing
Beijing- Guangzhou and Guangzhou- Auckland as it does require a visa for the domestic flight!
And here are some more tips on that visa (you don’t need it if you’re doing the one stop in Guangzhou

Are third party sites like Skyscanner and the options from that website safe?
YES. But we have to point out that third party sites *can* be more difficult to make amendments to your booking. But we have found many to be fine, especially if you don’t change flight info and use their apps.


We will update this page and more for other airlines as we get more information.