One of the main reasons we are here for is to get out again!  Lets be honest, it rains here and the summers are pretty average. Blink and you will miss it.  For decades Kiwis have scrimped and saved hard to get themselves onto the continent for the long hot summers, partying at festivals and cutting loose with old and new friends.  It’s not all summer loving though, Europe comes alive during winter too!

We work with a number of companies who come to us highly recommended by the community. Most of them we ourselves have used to get our travel on.   There are many out there, but if you have not heard of them before and want some recommendations or advice, ask over on our social page!

The Y Travel Show is our twice a year Kiwi and Aussie travel show and involves most of the best travel companies in the UK and Europe for our community. Keep an eye on the page and make sure you come to any of the next shows that are on.

PP Travel These guys are specialists in “must do” events such as the Munich Oktoberfest, the Fiesta of San Fermin in Pamplona, Royal Ascot and Epsom Derby horse racing festivals, La Tomatina, the Wine Fight in Haro and, in 2020, will be doing rugby and more with us at Kiwis in London. For over Two Decades their tours have been renowned for their quality, high level of organisation and most importantly – their FUN!

Proudly Kiwi and Aussie owned and operated, they look after their customers really well and get insanely good feedback for their Ascot and ANZAC tours … we highly recommend them!
Hit them up at

Travel Talk have taken tens of thousands of Kiwis and Aussies all over the continent. They specialise in Turkey (incl ANZAC Day), Greece, Morocco, Egypt and take people to places as far flung as Russia, Iceland and SE Asia.  Check their page for their current deals as they are always running amazing discounts over the year!

Stoke Travel are the guys who are growing more famous or is it infamous for the festivals that they are taking people to.  They have amazing campsites where you can get free (and unlimited) beer and sangria while you stay there. They are a party amongst the party – when they go to Oktoberfest or Tomatina they have incredible campsites with entertainment provided (as well as hot meals and those unlimited drinks).
They do surf camps and so much more, everywhere!   Hit them up at this link and whenever you book with them, mention Kiwis in London on your booking form and you’ll get that free beer and sangria included every time!

If you want to stay up to date on the incredible adventures G&T Weekends have planned, make sure you’re on The Guest List.

Topdeck are very well known for their epic 18-30s trips and have been since 1973!   Find out all about their deals and discounts at this link here!

On The Go Tours – has an exciting range of group tours to over 60 destinations around the world including Egypt, Morocco, Iceland and Russia.
On top of this you’ll find overland camping safaris across Africa and adventure tours throughout Latin America and Eastern Europe. Looking for something more exotic?
Consider a festival tour to some of the planet’s most colourful destinations, from Holi in India to Yi Peng in Thailand.
Head to their website for more info!