Working on Boats

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Land 2 C Ltd

Staff Wanted: Land 2C Recruitment

Tough Physical working Kiwi’s needed for Crabbing Boat Work. Great if you have a history of physical work.

No experience needed as to start with it’s more like labouring work.
To start off at around £650 with pay decided on Tonnage caught, price of crab and % boat pays.
You’re on the boat so no accommodation fees and food all paid for. Great way to save a lot of money. Work out with captain how many weeks on and off you want to do. For example 4 weeks on boat then 2 weeks off. Great for being able to have time off to get your travel in.

Link below from the New Zealand Stuff Website explaining work.

Check out which has a video showing the job and email us on

MANAGERS WANTED for boat hire lakes in London. Work is weekends, bank holidays and school holidays. Pay starts from £12/hr. We’re looking for people who are strong, fit, have good people skills, are reliable, flexible and hard-working. See email interest to