Getting a visa

The visa most people get here is the 2 year, “Tier 5 – Youth Mobility Visa“.  Also known as the Working Holiday Visa… it’s a very short two year visa that allows you to live and work here in the United Kingdom and is for 18 to 30 year olds. (you can apply right up until your 31st birthday, but don’t wait until the last days!)

You can apply here via the Government website 

If you would like expert help to complete this, we have links with BritBound – the popular visa and social company based here in London.
Hit this link if you’d like them to take care of it for you and you also have the option to add on more assistance for when you arrive – like getting a bank account, your national insurance number and to join in their 365 day event calendar!   Here is a brief bit of info on the Tier 5 visa from BritBound as well to help you along!

There is also the Ancestry Visa that many lucky people can apply for. If you can prove one of your Grandparents were born in the UK then this is for you!   It lasts 5 years (that’s why we said lucky people can get this!)  and you can apply for it and get information via the Government website.  The team at BritBound can also help with this, see the link here!

Now we all have to pay the Health Surcharge which is a charge that goes towards the NHS (National Health Service). When you come to the UK you automatically get free GP visits and have heavily subsidised dentist visits! So while it is an extra charge, it’s well worth it if you need to use these services often!

There are also Work Visas and these are a bit more complicated and you need to be sponsored by a company to get this.  If you are looking for assistance with getting a work visa/sponsorship, then we highly recommend you speak to our contacts at Voyage Relocations, pop them an email at call them on 0203 170 8848. If it can be done, these guys are one of the best at making it happen!